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Dear College Bound & Ready Friends and Families,

I am sure you have been hearing about the College Admission scandal that the FBI has been investigating and that broke open yesterday. I have been getting inquiries from families and friends on how I feel about the news, and so I want to share with you my thoughts.

First of all, sadly, I am not surprised. There are people that game every industry, every selection process and every system. Being in the college admissions business, there are a lot of things that I do not like about the industry, but I take solace in working hard to help students understand themselves better, articulate what they need or want to succeed, and in putting their best selves in front of good-fit colleges.


Spring semester junior year is typically when high school students seriously start thinking about college. For many students, this can make them feel overwhelmed or anxious, as they don’t know how to start putting together a college list. I strongly encourage students to write down their fears along with their dreams, then find a trusted advisor to help talk through each concern and wish.