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CV 2019 - Christian Brothers University

College visits.

Christian Brothers University



Christian Brothers University, in Memphis, Tennessee is a Lasallian school with 1300 students and considers itself “really good at creating a home for the kid who didn’t quite fit in during high school”, as well as being the safest campus in Tennessee (it is close to downtown, but very secure and enclosed). Lasallian education centers on Catholic values and personal relationships, emphasizing academic excellence, faith formation, inclusion, respect for the individual, service and social justice.

At CBU, 29 states and 33 different faiths are represented on campus.

Students enjoy a 12:1 student to teacher ratio, and interesting majors like art therapy, banking, construction management, and cybersecurity. Additionally, this is a supportive place for students to try lots of engineering disciplines even without high-level math (pre-calculus or calculus) in high school. 68% of recent graduates participated in an internship or co-op; 80% of students have a job or are in a graduate program at graduation (96% at 12 months). Fed Ex has its headquarters in Memphis and offers CBU students with an ACT of 30+ and a 3.5 GPA a Pascal Fellowship in Computer Science & Mathematics that includes a guaranteed job at Fed Ex after graduation.

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