Guiding your student beyond the application.


Frequently asked questions. 


Why use a college consultant? 


As a college consultant, it is my job to be an expert on colleges, the college application process, and serve as an impartial guide for students and families.  Working with an outside party to navigate the college process can help preserve the relationship between the student and parent(s).  In addition, the college landscape has changed dramatically over the last 30 years, and working with a consultant who provides one-on-one guidance and support can help relieve anxiety and stress, as well as call attention to new colleges and programs.



At what age should my student begin working with a consultant?


The answer depends on the student's interests and motivation, but learning about the process early in high school is recommended so that students and parents know their options and opportunities. I offer a free consultation to prospective families, as well as in-home presentations to groups, to help educate students and families before they begin college planning and exploration. Once families understand the process, students should focus on developing good study habits, strong writing skills and take time to explore their interests inside and outside of school.

Most students begin working with me during their sophomore or junior year. This allows time for me to get to know the student, for the student to understand the college process and the different qualities colleges offer, and to fully create and explore a well-rounded college list. Some students start as late as the spring before their senior year. I take rising seniors on a space-available basis, and I am happy to meet with freshman for an overview on the college process, as well as academic and extra-curricular planning.



How much do you charge?


I offer comprehensive consulting, essay and college-list development packages, as well as hourly consulting. Contact me for a free 45-minute consultation so we can determine your needs.



What guarantees do you make about admissions?


I do not make any guarantees of admission, as this is strictly at the discretion of the colleges. I use statistical data and my knowledge of colleges to determine whether a college is a “likely,” “target,” “reach” or “lottery” school for each student. I work to provide a balance of these colleges on my students’ lists, so that they are accepted to a number of great-fit colleges.



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