Guiding your student beyond the application.
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College consulting services catered to you.

Every student is unique and enters the college journey from a different place.

comprehensive packages, Summer Essay Workshops and hourly assistance are available.

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The college landscape has changed significantly in the last 20 years, and continues to change. My job is to keep up-to-date on colleges and the admissions process so students can focus on self-discovery and their applications. 

I keep up-to-date on all types of colleges across the country by visiting 25-30 colleges each year and meeting with college admissions staff as they travel through Portland, in order to provide students with a number of great–fit options. According to the IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association), students who use College Consultants are 4x more likely to attend private, non-profit colleges (67% vs. 16%). Those working with an independent college consultant are also 3x more likely to go out‑of‑state and receive large merit scholarships. Many students also choose to stay in-state, but are more confident and satisfied with this decision after having explored all the possibilities available to them.


My goal is to help students become good decision-makers throughout the process, and provide the tools for a successful college experience.  

I offer support and guidance throughout the entire application and selection process. I help students present their best selves to colleges with strategic timelines and guide them through brainstorming and editing essays and applications. For comprehensive plan students, I offer an Essay and Application Camp the summer before senior year, helping students set themselves up for Early Applications and a less stressful senior year. I also review and provide direction for high school courses, standardized test plans, extracurricular activities, community service, summer opportunities (including internships, job shadows, work experience) and ways to stand out in applications.


Individualized and personal attention

Each student I work with is unique, and therefore, the college plan I create for them will be crafted for that student’s needs and values. 

There is a recommended 250:1 student to counselor ratio. Nationwide, the average is over 400:1. High school counselors also balance many other tasks in addition to college planning, and the amount of time they can spend with each student is limited.

As a College Consultant, I typically spend many hours getting to know a student, how the student learns best, and what setting, support and programs would best fit the student in college. I use the insight I gather to help them find great-fit colleges and write strong applications and essays.


I break the process into manageable pieces.

I keep the student on track, break down the process into manageable phases, and work with the student on developing research and time-management skills that will serve the student in college and beyond.

 The college application process can be complicated, long and time-consuming. Working with me, an outside resource, can help remove the tension between students and families and lets the student drive the process.  I also provide guidance on financial aid and scholarships, and help families make informed decisions on financial packages offered.