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Colleges do not ask for PSAT scores or consider them in the admissions process, so why should students care about it? Read here for answers!

Why Colleges Look at Students' Social Media

Colleges don't always review social media, and doing so can help or hurt a student's odds of admission.

Worried you’re not a good test taker? Here are 25 tips and exercises to ease your mind.


Whether you are a freshman just starting high school or a junior getting ready to apply to college, getting involved in volunteering is great way to give back to your community and bolster your college . It’s not to late to get involved!

10 College Essay Tips

Spending time on essays and applications during the summer (without the stress of ACT/SATs, high school coursework, and activities) is the key to a less stressful and more successful application process.

The Ultimate College Dorm Checklist with Free Printable

Everything from bedding basics and organizational items to kitchen supplies and the extras you might not think of, Raising Teens Today makes it easy by taking the guesswork out of dorm shopping!

THE STUDENT’S Guide To Managing Social Profiles

This guide helps students to begin thinking about how to craft their online brand through the use of social media, provides helpful tips on what’s appropriate, and gives insider tips on exactly what potential employers are looking for.

8 Majors With Great Job Prospects

When the time comes to choose a major, many college students are torn between going with a subject they're most interested in and choosing a field that will set them up for a plum job after graduation. The good news is that it's often possible to do both.

College Navigator 

From the National Center for Education Statistics.

College Scorecard 

Released by Obama administration Feb 2013.

College Data

Provides great information about what colleges are looking for in applicants, along with financial aid generosity.

Big Future

by The College Board provides tools to research colleges.

National Survey of Student Engagement

The annual survey provides an estimate of how undergraduates spend their time and what they gain from attending college.

Colleges With Late Deadlines

List of colleges accepting late applications. 

Gap Year Programs

Information on experiential semester or year-long programs, typically taken between high school and college in order to deepen practical, professional, and personal awareness.

The organization offering the AP Program, SAT, SAT Subject and PSAT Tests, along with resources and services in college readiness and college success.

The organization offering the ACT college admissions test, along the PreACT and ACT Aspire tests. 


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